Malone TV Unit

malone TV Unit

Available in: Laminated wood TV Units
Option 1: 2 Drawers Size: 100x55x46
Option 2: 2 Drawers Size: 180x55x46
Option 3: 2 Drawers Size: 220x55x46
Colours: Please contact our stores for available colours

Features of Laminated Wood:

The most important feature is that this furniture is environment friendly – no trees get cut down / forests disturbed.

Laminates are a 100% man made product.

This range has been finished with a lot of attention to detail – all inside drawers and cupboards same colour as the outside.

Ideal for high traffic areas.

Cannot fade, colour will last for ever.

Requires no maintenance. Simply wipe with a damp cloth. No furniture polish needed. (Do not use any abrasives like “Handy Andy”).

Worx Wood Option